We caused these problems,

The problems we are now too scared to fix,

Now we blame nature for our endless troubles,

The sun;

A sight for sore eyes,

With its dashing rays,

Shining ever so perfectly on us,

It just wanted to help us live,

Help us live our best life,

The rain;

Such a beauty,

Its drops feel like holy water,

Sent specially from our dearest maker,

It feels like heaven on earth,



How wicked we have become,

We kill the earth with our own hands,

Deplete the ozone layer,

Kill the only home we have ever known,

We pollute the air,

Pollute the ocean,

Tear down the forests,

Kill animals,

Now we beg, ,

Like children begging for love,

Hear our cries,

Listen to pleas,

We have accepted cruelty,

Oh Mother earth,

Save us!

Save us!

Save us!


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