The Dowen Difference

The Dowen Difference

Simply known as the ABCDs of Dowen, having had over 20 years of outstanding contribution to the educational landscape of our dear country and beyond since 1997.


Academic Excellence

The serene learning environment, well- equipped laboratories and qualified teaching staff have enabled us to attain and sustain our history of academic excellence.



This is reflected both in our manners and corporate school uniform. Students are expected to appear well-dressed and groomed always. They are also to ensure they are neat and maintain high hygiene standards.



While we appreciate the current trend of globalization, we are mindful of our cultural heritage and imbibe cultural values of respect for elders, people, old and
young, courtesy, peaceful co-existence regardless of tribe, race, creed and gender.



This is a vital watchword as we endeavor to combine academic excellence and character. There is zero tolerance for bullying, cheating and gross misconduct.

Our curriculum provides challenging experiences for students academically, physically, socially and aesthetically in and outside the classroom while promoting the understanding and tolerance of others. Students are happy, bright, creative and 21st century learners, ready to contribute their own quota to the world.

The culture of our school is learner centered. We support students and staff to become engaged, responsible, confident, reflective and innovative.

Dowen is a fantastic place to study and learn. As a student or parent, you will find here a friendly team, modern and state of the art facilities, caring and supportive staff and enlightened and loving parents. As a student, you will enjoy being part of a vibrant community. Each member of the community is treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.

Apart from the excellent results our students have in external examinations and our great academic roots, we also have interesting co-curricular activities. Student’s personality finds expression in performing Arts, Dance, Drama, Visual and Music where students get to perform in the best school orchestra in the country. Students enjoy participating in Sports and Games – Volleyball, basketball, swimming, karate, Chess, Debates, Clubs and other intellectual activities. Our students leadership skills are horned as they are encouraged to take on responsibilities in diverse settings and become proactive thinkers, team players and problem solvers.

Our staff are well qualified, professional and dedicated. We enrich our teachers by providing them with opportunities for in-house personal  and professional development, as well as within and outside the country. Four teachers are sent overseas annually to the UK for training.

We value parents and work hard in gloves with them as great partners in progress. We are very proud of our reputation and are confident that the abilities and talent of each child that passes through the gates of Dowen College will be nurtured, supported and challenged to help them to achieve their full potential in a happy and secure environment.

Once again, on behalf of the Board of Governors, Management, Staff and Students of this great institution, welcome to Dowen College Lagos.

We look forward to receiving you soon.

Thank you.

Mrs. Adebisi Layiwola